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In January-March period of 2016, the Ukrainian sea ports processed 1.127 mln tonnes of bulk vegetable oils, an increase of 9.6% compared with the same period in 2015. The export volumes totaled 1.034 mln tonnes of vegetable oils (up 9%), informed the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

In particular, state stevedoring companies processed 31.59 thsd tonnes of vegetable oils at berths of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (down 24.1% compared with January-March of 2015), private stevedoring companies at berths of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority – 943.92 thsd tonnes (up 28.9%), stevedoring companies at their own berths – 151.56 thsd tonnes (down 40.4%).

According to the announcement, in the reporting period Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk shipped 450.31 thsd tonnes of veg oils, up 4.5% compared with the same period last year. Also, Mykolaiv Sea Trade Port shipped 377.56 thsd tonnes of veg oils (up 36.4%), Sea Commercial Port of Yuzhnyi – 207.92 thsd tonnes (down 19.9%), Odessa Sea Commercial Port – 47.41 thsd tonnes (up 146.8%), Izmail Port – 25.69 thsd tonnes (up 108.7%), Kherson Port — 12.28 thsd tonnes, and Mariupol Port – 5.9 thsd tonnes (down 79.9%).

Source: APK-Inform

According to preliminary forecasts by APK-Inform analysts, in 2016 the general harvest volumes of the major oilseed crops in Ukraine will reach the record index of 18.6 mln tonnes, an increase of 7% compared with the last year results.

Expanding of the planted areas under sunflower seed (up 15%) and soybeans (up 4%), in terms of slight declining of the yield indices, will contribute to development of the reporting harvest volumes.

In particular, sunflower seed production will reach 12.9 mln tonnes (up 10% compared with 2015), soybeans - 4.35 mln tonnes (up 11%).

In the current year, rapeseed will show some decline of its production, which is expected to reach 1.3 mln tonnes, down 24% compared the harvest-2015, and become the minimum result for 4 recent years.

Thus, in terms of the forecasted planted areas of 6 mln ha, in 2016 sunflower seed will not only return its lost share in the structure of oilseed crops areas, but also take the largest areas among all agricultural crops, even exceeding wheat areas.

Source: APK-Inform

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:41

Ukraine started planting sunflower seed

Agrarians of 13 oblasts of Ukraine started the planting campaign of sunflower seed, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on April 5.

As of the reporting date, Ukraine planted the oilseed throughout 143.8 thsd ha, or 3% of the forecast. But last year on the same date, the index of planted areas already was reached 14 thsd ha.

According to the announcement, Vinnitsa (46.7 thsd ha), Odessa (30 thsd ha) and Khmelnitsky oblasts (26.7 thsd ha) showed the largest planting results.

Generally, Ukraine plans to plant sunflower seed for the harvest-2016 throughout the areas of 5.024 mln ha.

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